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Why You Need To Have Mold Remediation Performed In Your Home

Why You Need To Have Mold Remediation Performed In Your Home


Mold problems occur in all places in your home or business. Without a professional cleaning and performing mold cleanup like the trusted team at Absolute Cleaning & Restoration in Tupelo, MS, you will continue to have a mold problem within your home. Sometimes, there is more than just visible mold on the surface.

 You need to have removal and remediation services to ensure that the problem is eradicated before the mold spores begin to grow out of your control.

What Is Mold Remediation?

For anyone who doesn't know, mold remediation is a thorough, multi-step process that helps regain control of the fungi and get it back to its normal, organic levels. While it isn't possible to halt mold growth, the mold remediation process will remove the spores to comfortable your internal environment and improve indoor air quality.  Even using detergent solution recipes that you've seen on social media can't even clean mold properly.

People believe that removing mold with bleach and water & a damp cloth will kill mold, but that couldn't be further from the truth. While wiping with water and bleach removes the mold on the surface, it doesn't prevent the growth of new mold spores. From moldy walls to a hidden moisture source, mold can continue to grow, especially in a dark area of your house that you may not even be aware exist.

When you use a reputable company like Absolute Cleaning & Restoration to remediate mold, a professional will come and take the following actions to remove mold in your house proactively:

  • Perform An Inspection Of Your Entire House
  • Proceed With Containment To Get Rid Of Mold In The Affected Areas
  • Provide Air Filtration Inside Of Your HVAC System To Control Airborne Spores
  • Go Forward With True Mold Removal
  • Sanitize The Non-Porous Materials & Surfaces To Halt New Growth

What Could Happen If You Ignore The Contamination In Your Home?

If you choose to ignore the current situation of moldy surfaces & moldy materials in your home, you could be placing yourself and your family's health at risk. Mold contamination, if left untreated, can continue to grow and shift into black mold. Black mold is hazardous and will release toxins into your internal environment that, if inhaled, can cause many adverse reactions in your body, including physical symptoms such as pneumonia and other respiratory problems.

Black mold thrives in a dark, damp location and is very difficult to discover by someone who isn't trained to detect mold damage in the home. It will continue to produce allergens, seep into your air ducts, and mold grows in these types of contaminated areas. Be wary if you've had significant water damage recently in an area without good ventilation because this will promote more mold growing in the contaminated area.

Should You Specifically Have Black Mold Removal Services In Your Home?

The short answer is yes. Without having a licensed technician come to your home and provide remediation mold services, you are setting yourself for the following problems:

  • You and your loved ones will have your immune systems weakened when inhaling spores.
  • Potential death from incapacitation from your damaged immune system along with possible brain damage
  • Strong mildew odors in your home
  • Women having miscarriages and other congenital disabilities in pregnant women.
  • Irreversible health conditions even if you receive mold remediation services depending on the length of exposure
  • Memory Damage, mood swings, tremors, and other neurological issues

Let Absolute Cleaning & Restoration Take Care Of The Mold Problems In Your Home Today!

Mold is dangerous in any form if left unchecked. In short, mold removal and mold growth (especially of the black variant) is imperative and need to be taken care of immediately. This is why you need to have a professional team like the Absolute Cleaning & Restoration in Tupelo, MS, to deliver their unique solution and take on the remediation process. We will take care of the standing moisture in your home, clean the wet materials to prevent allergic reactions, use our patented drying process to protect those porous surfaces, and we guarantee that or remediation kills mold.

Don't wait another day to have your home continue to be exposed to toxins & allergens. Trust us to show you the Absolute difference by calling us at (662) 760-4348 or click here for more information!

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