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Mold Remediation Services

When your home or business experiences water damage from a leaky roof, burst water pipe, or excessive moisture builds in an indoor environment, mold can quickly start to grow. Mold testing and mold remediation is the only way to completely stop the mold spores from growing in the home or business

Absolute Cleaning and Restoration provides thorough testing and inspection first to see if there is a mold problem and what is causing it. Once detected, we use our state of the art equipment to remediate the spores from the air as well as any affected areas

Our Services:

  • Mold Inspection of the home or business
  • Mold Containment
  • Air Filtration
  • Removing the mold and any mold-infested materials
  • Cleaning any surrounding objects or belongings
  • Restoration

mold remediation tupelo

If you believe you have mold either you have seen mold or have smelled a musty smell, you must call Absolute Cleaning & Restoration. We are a professional mold remediation company and will test the home or business, find the source of the mold problem, and restore the home or business. Call us at 662-760-4348 to get professional and efficient damage repair.

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Mold Remediation Gallery

We have included a few images from jobs we have completed in the North Mississippi area. Mold lives and grows under the surfaces of your home. Often caused by a water leak or sewage backup that was not properly dried during cleanup. We use advanced tools to detect mold in your home or business so it can be remediated.

mold remediation services

mold remediation services

mold remediation services

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What is toxic mold?

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Christy Chapman

While changing the placement of the furniture in a bedroom I discovered mold under a bookcase. After reading up on how to be sure it was removed and the possibility of mold getting in the air during the cleanup, I knew I needed a professional. I found several companies to choose from, but after research and reviews, I chose Absolute Cleaning and Restoration.
Chis came at the time I picked and even took out the bookcase so the mold would not get on anything else.
He removed all the mold in a safe manner and treated my carpet to be sure it was killed. We decided it must have started when my central A/C had clogged and caused it to leak on the carpet and run under the bookcase. My carpet looks great, the best it has ever looked. It honestly looks 10 younger. As soon as I rearrange my other bedrooms, he will come back and all of my bedrooms will look like new carpet too.
I am totally pleased.