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Area rugs are a beautiful piece to any room. Until they get stained by foot traffic, pet stains, and more. It is recommended that you use a professional area rug cleaning company that gets the entire rug clean.

Absolute Cleaning and Restoration provides area rug cleaning through our rug cleaning plant based in Tupelo we run your rug through our extensive cleaning process ensuring we remove the dirt, oils, and stains that are on your area rugs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes of area rugs do you clean?
We clean all sized rugs.
Will the colors in my rug run from the chemicals?
A major concern with natural fiber rugs like Wool, Cotton, and Silk is the dyes migrating and running together. With our experience and knowledge, we combine the best methods and detergents to effectively wash your rug so that your priceless heirloom stays beautiful for many years to come.
How long does it take to get my area rug cleaned?
Often, we can be finished cleaning your rug in one day however some rug materials may take a little longer. When we provide you with an estimate we will also give you an expectation of time it will take to get your area rug all clean.
Do you offer area rug cleaning pickup and delivery?
Yes, we offer free pickup and delivery for our Tupelo area residents.
Do you offer area rug cleaning drop-off?
Yes, our rug cleaning plant is located on Crossover Road by the hospital.
Can you get pet urine out of my area rug?
Yes, we use a chemical that breaks the urine apart allowing it to be removed completely.

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Area Rug Cleaning Process

Our Rug Cleaning Plant allows us to get to the dirt and grime that make your area rugs look dingy and discolored. Check out our video, you can see the process your area rug will go through while at our area rug cleaning facilities.

  • We clean the top, middle and back of your rug using our rug pond.
  • The carpet is soaked and scrubbed removing the dirt, grime, pet stains, and more from the rug.
  • We thoroughly rinse the rug allowing the dirt and stains to completely wash away from the rug.
  • We then roll the rug in our carpet rollers allowing the water to be sucked out of the rug.
  • Moth Protectant & Fabric Protector can be applied to provide protection against future damage and staining.

Trust the Area Rug Experts

Out of all the area rug cleaning companies in Tupelo, MS, Absolute Cleaning & Restoration which partners with the Rug Cleaning Plant, a 5200 square foot facility, can easily be called the largest rug cleaning plant in North Mississippi. We provide quality service and implement a customer-first approach which why we are referred so often.

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Christy Chapman

While changing the placement of the furniture in a bedroom I discovered mold under a bookcase. After reading up on how to be sure it was removed and the possibility of mold getting in the air during the cleanup, I knew I needed a professional. I found several companies to choose from, but after research and reviews, I chose Absolute Cleaning and Restoration.
Chis came at the time I picked and even took out the bookcase so the mold would not get on anything else.
He removed all the mold in a safe manner and treated my carpet to be sure it was killed. We decided it must have started when my central A/C had clogged and caused it to leak on the carpet and run under the bookcase. My carpet looks great, the best it has ever looked. It honestly looks 10 younger. As soon as I rearrange my other bedrooms, he will come back and all of my bedrooms will look like new carpet too.
I am totally pleased.